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By Simformotion™ LLC

5 Tips to Increase Safety Awareness with Cat® Simulators Mining Truck System

The Cat® Mining Truck System is a safe and effective way to teach heavy equipment operators how to operate the Mining Truck before getting behind the wheel of the actual vehicle. Simulator training takes away the anxiety of slowing production circuits or making a technical error because the virtual environment allows for mishaps while the real world mine site does not. Paul Darcangelo, Installation and Training Instructor for Simformotion LLC, shares five tips to increase safety awareness that translate simulator training to the real world mine site.

  1. Buckle up every day. It seems simple, but many operators forget to use their seat belts. That error has led to a loss of life, when in fact the operator would have lived if he had just buckled up. Cat® Simulators Mining Truck safety belt is equipped with a sensor that will not allow the simulation to continue unless the user is buckled up.
  2. Conduct an inspection. Machine operators must conduct an inspection before operating the actual machine every time. Knowing how to conduct a proper inspection and identify faults-for example, identifying whether the fuel tank is in good condition and not damaged- can directly relate to the safety of the vehicle’s operator, as well as other trucks, support machines, and ground personnel around his vehicle. The Cat® Simulators Mining Truck system contains an exclusive machine walk around module that teaches users how to conduct a machine inspection. With 147 different inspection points, users can learn how to identify machine parts and conclude whether they’re faulty or not.
  3. Use brake smarts. Proper use of braking systems is a must on any mine site. The operator must learn how and when to properly use the engine retarder and secondary brake system in order to prevent brake failure. The Mining Truck System comes with a braking module that teaches the user how to properly use the braking system during downgrade driving with a full load. Instructors can track whether the operator is properly using the retarder and service brake because of the exclusive reporting functions in the software. Master the procedures by practicing as many times as necessary in the safety of the virtual mine site.
  4. Learn proper vehicle positioning. Learn to keep the proper distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you on the haul circuit. Pass other vehicles without sideswiping mirrors. Position your vehicle next to the shovel for loading. Learn all these safety procedures and more with the Artificial Intelligence (AI) vehicles. The Cat® Simulators mine site environment contains AI vehicles that have the capabilities of maintaining safe operational concepts and respond to user actions. The User operates his vehicle while instructors/teachers explain safe and unsafe practices to the user as the AI vehicles respond in the virtual haul circuit.
  5. Respect the highwall. One wrong move can send a fully loaded mining truck through a safety berm at a highwall. Learn and know safe berm height, stopping distances, unloading angles, and dumping practices when unloading at a highwall. The Mining Truck System teaches proper procedures based on Caterpillar expert operator techniques and delivers a consistent training experience to operators every time. This assures that operators do not learn competing principles.

Safety on the mine site is every person’s responsibility. Training on a simulator first can increase safety awareness for all personnel. To find out other safety training tips for the Cat® Simulators Mining Truck, contact or visit

By Simformotion™ LLC

Simformotion™ LLC Announces Release of New Cat® Simulators FM Log Loader

Simformotion™ LLC, Peoria, Ill.—a leader in heavy equipment simulator training solutions—announces the release of the new Cat® Simulators FM Log Loader System for Forestry. The new Log Loader Simulation Trainer is set in a forest environment where operators can learn the same machine applications found on actual forest production sites, in the safety of the virtual environment.

A realistic training experience is delivered through the use of authentic controls combined with simulated training exercises. The FM Log Loader teaches Control Familiarization, how to perform a Machine Walkaround, Log Handling, Loading and Off Loading the Machine from a Low-Boy Trailer, Shovel Logging, Loading and Unloading the Log Trailer, Sorting, and a special Open Training mode. Cat Simulators deliver cost-effective virtual training that translates to the real world!

Exclusive to Cat Simulators is SimU CampusTM, the software that measures, records and reports the results of all simulation sessions so instructors and users can track progress. Hundreds of benchmarks based on Caterpillar expert data are included in the system, with the operator’s performance measured against these benchmarks and outcomes recorded to a database. Plus the PC-based simulator system is equipped with a motion platform so users can feel the realistic machine movement during training exercises.

Vice President Renee Gorrell says, “Using Cat Simulators as part of an end-to-end training program can provide immediate cost savings to a forestry company’s bottom line by reducing machine wear-and-tear and fuel costs; keeping actual machines in production; and allowing them to train multiple operators on multiple machines at one time.”

In addition to the new forestry simulator system, Cat Simulators are available in Large Dozer and Mining Truck models set in a mining environment; and Heavy Construction Dozer, Hydraulic Excavator, Off-Highway Truck, M-Series Motor Grader, Small and Large Wheel Loaders and Wheel Tractor-Scraper. For more information, visit

5 Tips to Increase Safety Awareness with Cat® Simulators Mining Truck System
Simformotion™ LLC Announces Release of New Cat® Simulators FM Log Loader