By Simformotion™ LLC

New Cat® Large Wheel Loader Simulator System Delivers an Authentic Operating Experience

Peoria, Ill.— With state-of-the-art technology from Simformotion™ LLC – a leader in heavy equipment simulator training solutions – the newly released Cat® Large Wheel Loader Simulator System creates a realistic training experience for operators.

Set in a quarry environment, the Large Wheel Loader Simulator System combines original controls with common machine applications to teach the same jobs performed on worksites worldwide. The system is also the first model to offer a three-monitor configuration, giving the operator a more authentic experience by increasing visibility in all directions. The addition of a motion system enhances the experience because the operator feels vibration and movement as the simulated loader interacts with the quarry terrain.

“Time after time our customers tell us that using Cat® Simulators as part of their training programs contributes to more proficient operators, safer practices and increased productivity,” says Renee Gorrell, Vice President. “The features of the new Large Wheel Loader Simulator System enhance the training experience and enable a seamless transition from simulator to iron.”

The Large Wheel Loader Simulator System includes exercises that teach Control Familiarization, how to perform a Walkaround for safety and maintenance, Driving, Loading and Dumping the Bucket, Truck Loading, and Dumping into the Crusher. Two Open Training modules offer opportunities for additional practice and skill refinement.

Exclusive to Cat Simulators is SimU Campus™ Training Records Management, software that measures, records and reports results of all simulation sessions. Hundreds of benchmarks based on Caterpillar expert data are included, with performance measured against these benchmarks and outcomes recorded to a database.

The Large Wheel Loader Simulator System also includes companion iPad training and is available in multiple languages.

In addition to the new Large Wheel Loader Simulator System, Cat Simulators are available in Articulated Truck, M-Series Motor Grader, Large Track Type Tractor, Mining Truck, Off-Highway Truck, Electric Rope Shovel, Track Type Tractor, Hydraulic Excavator, Small Wheel Loader, Wheel Tractor-Scraper, FM Log Loader and Track Feller Buncher.

Cat® Simulators new Large Wheel Loader Simulator System features a three-monitor configuration that increases operator visibility in all directions.

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New Cat® Large Wheel Loader Simulator System Delivers an Authentic Operating Experience