With thousands of square feet in our warehouse, we can inventory parts, devices, and products. The team uses best practices to store and access parts when needed for orders.

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Warehouse Management

Simformotion worked with the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) to set up the warehouse operations. IMEC, a non-profit economic development organization, works with businesses to design and improve work processes, including manufacturing and supply chain. Simformotion can safely and efficiently store and access all parts for simulator sales.

Managing a warehouse includes many day-to-day operations – overseeing staff, inventory, equipment, safety and security, assembly, multiple shipping carriers and more. Responsibilities include:

  • Managing projected volume and labor.
  • Ensuring proper safety practices are followed.
  • Obtaining proper licenses and certifications for anyone operating equipment.
  • Maintaining compliance and requirements for regulatory agencies.
  • Keeping products secure and accessible.
  • Setting up assembly lines with parts.
  • Creating processes for inventory, assembly, shipping and record keeping.
  • Recording all inbound and outbound shipments and collecting the proper documentation.
  • Being prepared for any return products: receive, assess and process each returned item.