Cat® Safety VR.

Learning and making mistakes in a virtual environment means always going home safe. Cat® Safety VR, the training system from Caterpillar Safety Services, teaches new employees how to interact with coworkers and identify hazards along a road construction jobsite, while in the safety of the virtual environment.

Experience Motion.

The motion system allows users to feel vibration and movement when the simulated machine is running during training exercises.


Experience the Simformotion motion system to better enhance operator skills! The motion system allows users to feel vibration and movement when the simulated machine is running during training exercises. Experience simulator training combined with forward/backward and left/right tilt as well as up and down movement. By adding a motion system, users will not only gain the knowledge and skills needed for controls and applications, they will also learn how to make the precision movements necessary to increase productivity, better learn tipping points on machines, how misuse can lead to maintenance issues on the actual machine and much more.

Depending on your needs, the motion system is available in 120V or 220V. An Account Manager can help you determine the appropriate voltage if you are unsure.

Ship your simulator.

The Simformotion Quick Crate allows easy shipping and crate breakdown for storage. The hearty wooden crate snaps together with metal brackets. The brackets are removed with the provided tool. The crate is reusable and stores flat when not in use.

On a Roll.

The Simformotion Rolling System allows easy transportation and movement of the simulator. The wheeled option can fit a standard simulator unit or a simulator unit outfitted with the motion base.

Total space allotment is roughly 8′ x 5′ per simulator. For specific dimensions of any simulator model, please contact us.

Trailer It.

Use them to train in the field, at satellite locations, or demo the simulators for students. When outfitting a trailer to carry simulators, secure them in place with a Trailer Mount Kit. The kit is available for standard simulator set-ups or for simulators outfitted with a motion system.

VR Edition.

The VR headset enables the user to see more of the environment and machines. The user gains greater depth perception, making exercises such as loading a truck or spraying a field more accurate when judging distance from the machine to the target. Better operators means less chance of a mishap and more chance of achieving production goals.

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