Construction Angels: 4th Annual Illinois Golf Outing

On June 7, two Simformotion teams of four were among 84 registrants who participated in the 4th Annual Construction Angels Illinois Golf Outing in Memory of Richard “Bird” Gaunt. The event was not just a day of golf and camaraderie but a tribute to fallen construction workers and a reminder of the importance of their families.

This year’s 4-person scramble raised more than $24,000 that will provide immediate financial assistance and grief counseling to Illinois families who were left behind when their loved ones perished while working on construction jobsites.

Since its inception in June 2011, Construction Angels has given more than $1 million to families in financial aid, grief counseling services, and scholarships across the U.S., with funds raised from events such as golf outings, donations from individuals, and sponsorships from local and national companies like Simformotion.

“We couldn’t raise these funds without sponsors like Simformotion and our participants,” said Jennifer Ballester, Construction Angels Events Coordinator.

“Construction Angels’ mission was evident throughout the day with the emphasis of their constant support for construction families or ‘one of our own,’” explained Tim Cole, Simformotion Agriculture Account Manager. “The construction worker’s “office” may be on the side of the road or inside a bridge being built. Regardless, the Construction Angels organization supports the families left behind.”

Cole added, “The team building and opportunity to live out our core values with our colleagues in the industry made the best parts of the day even better.”

Cole’s teammate, Zach Wood, Simformotion Product Development Specialist, agreed that the camaraderie among all the players made the day special.

“The golf outing was a wonderful experience. The best part of the day was the camaraderie among participants, all united for a common purpose,” explained Wood. “The speeches about Construction Angels’ mission were also deeply moving. Hearing personal stories and tributes highlighted the importance of supporting the families left behind.”

“Knowing that the funds raised would directly benefit the families of fallen construction workers added a profound sense of purpose to the event,” said Wood. “It was heartwarming and humbling to see the community come together to make a tangible difference in the lives of those who have lost so much.”

Cole concluded, “It is such a good feeling to know that Construction Angels provides immediate financial support and counseling for spouses and families. That’s what families do. They come together. And we are proud to be part of the Construction Angels family.” 

For more information on Construction Angels, visit their website:

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