Simformed November/December 2020

In This Issue Free Publicity. Cat® Simulators Support. Excavator Curriculum. Fatigue Danger. Free Publicity Want some free publicity for your heavy equipment operator program? The simulators are an excellent hook. Plan a special event or “day” where you can host a tour of your facility and include the simulators. The technology angle is going to grab peoples’ attention and make them want to attend. Invite local press—news stations and the newspapers. Invite local dignitaries to show how advanced your school or company is. Call your Chamber of Commerce to make them aware of your program so they can help promote

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Simformed September/ October 2020

In This Issue Compact, Portable Training. SimLite Excavator. Grant Opportunities. Heavy Equipment Curriculum. SimLite for Easy Travel & Remote Learning The pandemic has created a need for more remote learning

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Build 21st Century Skills

What will it take to be a successful heavy equipment operator in today’s workplace? A set of 21st century skills. How do you build them? Integrate Cat® Simulators + SimScholars™

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Simformed July/August 2020

In This Issue New Compact Simulator. Meet our Scholarship Winner. Importance of a Machine Walkaround. Measurable Benchmarks. Online training sessions. Coming Soon! SimLite Excavator We have an exciting announcement: We

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Simformed May/June 2020

Free Online Training Sessions During this global pandemic, we know that online training options are more important than ever. While we are all sheltering in place, it is a great

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Simformed Mar/Apr 2020

COVID-19 Response – Uninterrupted Support to our Customers As organizations navigate through the effects of COVID-19 around the world, we want to assure you that at Simformotion™,  we are doing

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Heavy Equipment Operator Demand

The demand for heavy equipment operators is present in every region of the country. It’s a well-paying career with an opportunity for growth. Students or people that want a mid-career

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Simformed Jan/Feb 2020

Affects of Fatigue in the Workplace Fatigue is an issue that affects workers in every industry. Workers that feel tired, sleepy, or have low energy are experiencing fatigue. It decreases

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Simformed Nov/Dec 2019

From the Editor When we get to read about our customers and simulators in the news, we get really excited. We are continually watching for any new press coverage! We

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Simformed September/October 2019

From the Editor Product development is an ongoing process here at Simformotion™. We never sit still and are always conducting R&D to find new and better ways to provide simulator

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