Reduce Employee Turnover with Training Opportunities

The great resignation or the great reshuffling, either way, means you have probably experienced some employee turnover in the last two years. If your organization offers attractive salaries and benefits and you are still losing employees, it may be because of a lack of learning opportunities. According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 71% of respondents say job training and development increased their job satisfaction.

Employees today are looking for ways to be better in their current roles and grow into new roles down the road. Training can help accomplish both with the additional benefit of keeping people from leaving altogether. By providing the training you want employees to have and the training they need for their current roles, you can help them close skills gaps. This training will also help your current employees grow into new roles within your organization. It costs a lot less to keep an employee than to find and onboard a new employee. Investments in training pay for themselves.

94% Employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in learning

84% Managers agree learning can close skills gaps

83% Gen Zs want to learn new skills to perform better in current roles

The benefits of training are many. Training can come in the form of in-person learning (classroom or one-to-one mentoring), digital learning and simulation.  

  • Happy employees are engaged employees – and engaged employees stay put.
  • Learning new things make employees more motivated.
  • Skills training can encompass soft skills, motor skills or specific capabilities. Close any gaps or help employees make the jump into a new role with the right learning experience.
  • Training employees takes away the anxiety of not knowing how to do something (process, steps or technique). With simulation especially, practicing in the safety of a virtual environment means mishaps won’t have the same impact as real life.
  • Develop your next leaders with the right training, so you can promote from within your organization.
  • Learning can stimulate new ideas, creativity and innovation to be applied to employees’ jobs or to the products and services your organization offers.
  • Keep your organization ahead of the competition by watching trends and changes in your industry and teaching employees about what is happening.

Avoid employee turnover by investing in training. Talk to your employees and help them develop in their roles and beyond with focused training. Your organization will benefit as much as each individual employee.

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