Simformed Jan/Feb 2020

Affects of Fatigue in the Workplace

Fatigue is an issue that affects workers in every industry. Workers that feel tired, sleepy, or have low energy are experiencing fatigue. It decreases workers’ ability to think clearly, make informed decisions, be safe, and productive. Learn the causes and risk factors of fatigue and educate your workplace. Download our infographic for free!

Scholarship Applications Now being Accepted

Cat® Simulators is offering a $2,000 Scholarship for individuals who want to further their education, or for training organizations/schools looking for a way to encourage more students to consider heavy-equipment training programs. Applications are now being accepted through May 1, 2020. Details about the simple process can be found under the “Resources” tab of the Cat Simulators website. Download the application or email us to request a copy. Individuals are encouraged to apply. Training facilities and schools can use the information to promote and build interest in their programs.

Train-the-Trainer at Simformotion

Join us for a Train-the-Trainer Course April 27th to April 29th. We’ll help you learn something new! Our simulator trainers will guide you through a hands-on learning experience at our offices in Peoria, Illinois.

  • Customized Training with SimU Campus™
  • Get an In-depth Review of Reports
  • Master Simulator Hardware Assembly & Disassembly
  • Learn Troubleshooting Steps
  • Utilize Companion Training Material


  • Hotel for two nights (breakfast included), ground transportation (to and from hotel and training facility), two lunches, two dinners and two days of training. (Hotel shuttle to and from airport).
  • Arrive in Peoria Monday, April 27th and training ends at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, April 29th.
  • Customers must own a Cat Simulators system.
  • All training will be conducted on the Hydraulic Excavator/Advanced Construction Excavator Simulators.
  • Conversion Kits will be available for other models. Training does not require you to have the latest simulators.
  • In-depth lesson on creating and customizing a class and benchmarks/metrics.

Reserve your spot today! Deadline for sign-up is March 20th, 2020. Contact Jaqui Oseguera at 1.309.670.2680 or by email.

Convertible Simulator Systems

Have you discovered Cat Simulators Convertible Systems? Now it’s easier than ever to cross train operators or take training on the road!

Train operators, assess skills, teach safety standards, recruit new operators, attend career fairs, and more! It takes only minutes to change from one model to another, using the same base unit. Watch now.

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