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Simformotion™ Operator Skills Training Program. Free Backhoe Loader Operator Safety Infographic. Toombs County High School Pathways Program. What People Are Saying About SimScholars™ Curriculum.

Simformotion™ Operator Skills Training Program

Would you like your new hires or seasoned operators to receive specialized heavy equipment operator training? Then schedule training sessions with our Simformotion™ Operator Skills (SOS) Training specialists who can teach your operators all the techniques they need to operate machinery efficiently and safely.

Our training specialists can travel to your location or to a third-party location in your area or your team can come to our Peoria, Ill., location. Training sessions can be one day, three days, an entire week or longer, the schedule is up to you. You can also request that our specialists train specific skills and techniques. Simulators make it easy to be flexible.

Before your operators need to send an SOS, schedule in-person sessions with our Cat Simulators training specialists. Watch the video below and read more.

Cat® Simulators Backhoe Loader Safety Tips Infographic

Safety is crucial on all construction sites, farms, and jobsites across the globe. To prevent heavy equipment accidents, operators should be aware of the safety measures they can take with each piece of equipment they operate. To help Backhoe Loader operators keep themselves, other jobsite personnel and their machines safe, download and post our free Backhoe Loader Operator Safety infographic to remind operators to always keep safety in mind.

Toombs County High School Students on Course for Heavy Equipment Operations

Toombs County High School students in the state of Georgia who are interested in entering the construction industry are learning to operate Hydraulic Excavators and Dozers safely and efficiently in the school’s three-course Heavy Equipment Operations (HEO) Pathway program. The high school is one of 12 schools that currently comprise Georgia’s Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education (CTAE) program. Students receive hands-on training on the school’s two state-of-the-art Cat® Simulators systems and gain detailed worksite, safety and machine knowledge with the simulators’ companion curriculum – SimScholars™. Read more about the program.

Contact us to learn how your school can set up your own HEO training program.

What People Are Saying About SimScholars™ Curriculum

Clients are discovering how SimScholars™ curriculum can extend the training experience in the classroom and the field. The online curriculum is a one-to-one match to each Cat Simulators system and includes instructor and learner guides, lessons, videos and more. Watch the video:

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