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From the Editor

When we get to read about our customers and simulators in the news, we get really excited. We are continually watching for any new press coverage! We share it on social sites and with other customers.  If you are hosting an event, give your local newspaper and TV stations a call and invite them to your event. You’ll get some free publicity and they will get an exciting news story about training and technology, with the local flavor they are looking for. Then, be sure and send a copy of the coverage or a link to us so we can share your good news! Read a recent article about H&K Group featured in Aggregates Manager.

News Worthy: Virtual Training Becomes A Reality

Cat® Simulators was featured in an issue of Defense Media Network. Read about how organizations are training and transitioning operators to the iron faster and saving costs with simulation. Read more.

Train-the-Trainer Course at Simformotion™

Join us for a Train-the-Trainer Course March 30th to April 2nd. There’s always something new to learn! Our simulator trainers will guide you through a hands-on learning experience at our offices in Peoria, Illinois:

  • Customized Training with SimU Campus™
  • Get an In-depth Review of Reports
  • Master Simulator Hardware Assembly & Disassembly
  • Learn Troubleshooting Steps
  • Utilize Companion Training Material


  • Hotel for four nights (breakfast included), ground transportation (to and from hotel, and training facility), meals and three days of training. (Hotel shuttle to and from airport).
  • Arrive in Peoria Monday, March 30th and depart Friday, April 3rd.
  • Customers must own a Cat Simulators system.
  • All training will be conducted on the Advanced Construction Excavator Simulator.
  • Conversion Kits will be available for other models. Training does not require you to have the latest simulators.
  • In-depth lesson on creating and customizing a class and benchmarks/metrics.

Reserve your spot today!

Contact Jaqui Oseguera at 1.309.670.2680 or by email.

PSA: Windows 10 Updates

Customers with Windows 10 computers on their simulators should not update. When Microsoft sends prompts (those annoying pop-up windows) asking you to update, do not do so. These updates will conflict with the simulator software.

On the Road with Cat® Simulators

Cat Simulators Account Manager, Curt Meyer, has been on the road out west. He had the good fortune to introduce Cat Simulators training technology to construction, mining, and workforce associations in Denver, Colorado.  Products included our Underground Load Haul Dump, Hydraulic Excavator, M-Series Motor Grader, and Dozer Simulator Systems. “At one point, I had miners, excavation operators, and association executives all sharing training best practices with each other around the simulator. Even though it was raining and then snowing outside, we were able to do our pre-shift walkarounds and task training in the comfort of our training room,” shares Meyer.

Editor’s Note: If you are interested in seeing a demo of Cat Simulators, contact us to find out when we will be in your area.

Coming Soon: Support Website

Simformotion™ is developing another way for Cat Simulators users to find support. We’ve developed a special website where users can find access to training materials, videos, and troubleshooting documents. We’ll be unveiling it soon! It’s only for Cat Simulators owners, so stay tuned for more information on how to access the site.

Meet the Team

Meet Myranda Smith, Systems Coordinator at Simformotion. She’s worked at Simformotion for over 5 years. She handles shipping/logistics, along with many general administration tasks. “I really enjoy taking an issue that comes my way and running with it until I’m able to resolve it, so this field is perfect for me,” says, Smith. She’s a dog mom and proud aunt, who enjoys cooking and baking, gardening when the weather is right, and seeing live music.

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