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Simulation Training to Enhance Sustainability. 2024 Construction Forecast Infographic. New Cat Simulators Support Site is Now Live! Send Us a Video! And We’ll Send You a Cat® Simulators Gift!

Simulation Training to Enhance Sustainability

In today’s world, where environmental awareness is at an all-time high, organizations are seeking innovative ways to reduce their ecological footprint. By integrating simulator systems like Cat® Simulators, Forklift Simulator, FS Simulator™  and ITI Crane Simulator, organizations can improve operator skills, while contributing to sustainability efforts.   

Heavy equipment operators play an essential role in various industries such as construction, mining, forestry, transportation and agriculture. Proper training is vital for responsible operation of heavy equipment, which can minimize negative environmental impacts. Poor operation can lead to excessive fuel consumption, increased emissions and excessive wear and tear on equipment. This increases operational costs as well as the organization’s ecological impact. Learn more about the sustainability benefits of simulator training.

Contact us to find out how you can add Cat Simulators systems to your training program and help reduce your ecological footprint.

2024 Construction Forecast Infographic

The new year is almost upon us! The U.S. construction industry is expected to experience significant growth by 2024, which will create more job opportunities for individuals wanting to become heavy equipment operators. To ensure that the industry has a steady supply of skilled, safe, efficient and productive operators to meet this growth, it is important to train them properly. Download our free infographic to learn more about the 2024 projected spending.

NEW Cat® Simulators Support Website is Live!

The new Cat Simulators Support website is now live! You will see the new version of the website at the same URL: The upgrade has many new features including:

  • Dashboard
  • Company Account Summary
  • Multiple Users
  • How-to Steps (i.e., Simulator Assembly and VR Use)
  • Active Support Subscriptions
  • Training Exercise Videos
  • Simulator Information (including Simulator Serial Numbers)
  • Troubleshooting Topics

You will find instructional videos on the site to help you easily transition to the new format. If you don’t have an active support subscription, contact us at 1.309.266.2640 or send us a message.

Send Us a Video! And We’ll Send You a Cat Simulators Gift!

Would you like a Cat Simulators gift? Send us a 15 to 30-second video of a student or operator using a Cat Simulator, and we’ll send you a Cat Simulators gift. Would you like a coffee mug, mouse pad, hat or shirt? Just let us know. And if you include a brief description with it, we’ll send you a bonus thank you gift!


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