Peoria, Ill.—Simformotion™ LLC., a leader in heavy equipment simulator development and training is pleased to announce its certification as a women-owned small business, by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

CEO and President, Lara Aaron, says “It is a milestone for our company to reach this certification. We look forward to the new doors that will be open to us to expand our business.”

Aaron, along with business partner Renee Gorrell, have spearheaded the company’s commitment to create more opportunities for women in technology. The company has held several events to show young women technology-related stem careers, including aspects of manufacturing and training. The two are passionate about encouraging young women to choose technology as a career.

Simformotion LLC is now a certified, women owned small business. The technology training company was recently recognized as Exporter of the Year.

Simformotion is known for its heavy equipment simulators and VR experiences. Simulation training allows learners to practice and master machine exercises, device functions and procedures in the safety of the virtual environment. When mistakes are made, they don’t have the same consequences as real life. Learners can safely master what to do and how to react in any scenario, then translate that knowledge to real world job sites. In addition to practical how-to skills, learners also develop critical thinking skills.

Simformotion employs a sales team who has relationships with businesses around the world that utilize simulators for training. Clients have the option to sell simulators through the in-house team. Simformotion has demonstrated best practices in export development including significant in-country travel to expand business, participating in trade shows, and building different sales channels. The company was recently recognized as Exporter of the Year. 

Simformotion is committed to growth in sales of existing simulators and finding new business opportunities for all types of training development. The team stays current on new technologies that will benefit its customers. Whether it’s simulation, VR, or another form of technology, Simformotion conducts the R&D necessary to develop training that fits its customers’ needs anywhere in the world.

WOSB certification signifies that a company is at least 51% woman-owned and is a small business per the SBA’s requirements. WOSB certification enables Simformotion to satisfy WOSB federal contracting requirements and meet the specifications of government agencies, institutions and corporations who work to establish diversity in purchasing and vendor relations. To include women-owned businesses among its suppliers, means companies, organizations, and government agencies show their commitment to fostering diversity.

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