Simformotion Spotlight: Annette Kiesewetter


Why did you choose to work at Simformotion?
The pace of technology is in line with my curiosity to find out “what’s next?” Simformotion is a place that feeds my need to learn. Technology is constantly changing, and I love the act of learning. It never gets old to discover how technology is impacting our everyday lives. Plus, I never have the same day twice. Flexibility is a must as there are multiple brands and projects to manage.

I’ve spent a chunk of my career working on start-ups (both business and projects) and that path is for people who are self-starters, big-picture thinkers and those who like to figure out puzzles. While Simformotion is no longer a start-up, it is full of entrepreneurial thinkers—my kind of people.

What are your responsibilities?
I wear several hats including business strategy, marketing communications, publicity, SimScholars™ curriculum development, and managing a fabulous team of creative people that impact the entire business.

What are some of your professional goals (and personal if you’d like to include them 😊)? 
Professionally, I always want to learn new things. Tracking trends is one example. What are the newest ways to market and share information? What gets the best results when training? How do people best absorb information? Simformotion is a training company, so the ways in which we educate and train people has a huge impact on the way we develop and market our products and services.

Personally, my goal is to be the best version of myself possible.

Tell us about your professional experience.
My first career was in publishing—real publishing, when telling a story meant telling all sides. Where photographers and editors and writers worked together to bring ideas to life, whether that was an interview, a trend story, a how-to, or a piece of escapism reading. I’ve written or contributed to magazines, books, websites, and beyond. From there, it was an easy transition to marketing communications.

I’ve been creating content of some kind for my entire career. Technology has expanded from paper pages to digital platforms. It’s been 26 years since I delivered content on a website for the first time and now we have so many other ways to share content through technology. I embrace change because change happens whether we want it or not. Attitude is the cornerstone to success when it comes to change.

What have your years of professional experience taught you? 
My professional years taught me to continue learning to stay relevant. I am always learning new things inside and outside of work. My career has yielded some of the best, most long-lasting friendships I have ever made. I cherish them and don’t take my ride-or-dies for granted. My professional years also gave me many hard lessons about people. One of the reasons I prefer dogs.

I’ve lived through business cycles, venture capitalists, acquisitions and start-ups—and learned from every experience. I know how to determine a real fire vs. someone having a bad day—and how to respond to each accordingly. My overall takeaway is to appreciate lessons learned and seek out places and people that appreciate me.

Do you have a favorite quote? If so, what is it?
Don’t Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle (anonymous)

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