Simformotion Spotlight – Daniel Shelton


Why did you choose to work at Simformotion?

My fiancée works at CSE, and she told me about a position open at Simformotion for a warehouse lead. When I was told I was accepted, I was beyond ecstatic. This has been my favorite job I have ever had.

What is your role and what are your responsibilities?

My role is warehouse lead, meaning that I oversee both planning and prioritizing the warehouse for the week. I try to keep the team on task and motivated while keeping it a fun and relaxed workplace.

Tell us about your professional experience. 

Prior to working for Simformotion I was in the culinary field. I’ve been a kitchen manager, line cook, server and a host. I also worked for a catering company for a few years and took culinary classes at Illinois Central College. Some of the qualities and traits I learned during this time helped me tenfold at Simformotion. I believe some of these traits were the exact reason I was hired like time management and customer service. These were areas that I excelled at and are areas that help me immensely in my job today.

What have your years of professional experience taught you?  What career advice would you give someone?        

Some of the most important things I like to bring to the table are my positivity as well as my reliable work ethic. In every position I have ever worked in, staying focused and positive have helped me not only meet but exceed standards. Show up on time, work hard, and be kind.

What has been your biggest accomplishment professionally or in life?  

One thing I can say I am extremely proud of is that I have been the best man in three different weddings. This might not mean much to some, but to me I believe it speaks volumes about my character. Once again, proving my point that positivity and kindness will take you very far in life.

What are you looking forward to in 2024?

Marrying my best friend and better half, Emily. She makes me always try my best and constantly motivates me to be a better man. We have been planning this for months now and are growing more and more excited!

What is your favorite quote or meme?

“Don’t put off until tomorrow, what can be done today…… unless it’s the dishes!” 😊

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