Simformotion Spotlight – Gina Duval

Why did you choose to work at Simformotion?
This is my second time working for Simformotion, so I already knew the company and the people. Simformotion is a great company to work for because management takes care of their employees and customers. I returned in 2021 and feel so fortunate to be back, working with this sales team in such a fun work environment!

What are your responsibilities? How do you support Simformotion customers?
I am the Sales Coordinator and with that I have many responsibilities.  Most importantly, I support our customers. I ensure their orders ship correctly and successfully, set up customer support and curriculum access. I communicate with customers so I can manage their needs or issues. And finally, I support our account managers daily.

What are some of your goals? 
Professionally, I always want to learn more and be the best employee and coworker I can be while representing Simformotion well. Personally, I want to eat more fruits and vegetables!

Tell us about your professional experience.   
I was in an assistant role for over 17 years. For 10 of those years, I’ve been on a sales team, which I find is my forte. I love the fast pace and busy work that comes with it, and no workday is the same! One of my first jobs as an assistant was at Caterpillar, which turned out to be very beneficial because now I know quite a bit about heavy equipment.

What have your years of professional experience taught you? 
Multi-tasking is very important, along with prioritizing, teamwork and smiling through the challenging days!

What has been your biggest accomplishment professionally or in life? 
My biggest professional accomplishment is where I am in my career right now. Each position I’ve had in the past has helped bring me into my current coordinator role. I also believe that enjoying your job is an accomplishment. And I enjoy what I do every day!

Do you have a favorite quote? If so, what is it? 
The neon light that hangs in my office says it all…”Good Vibes Only” 😊

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