You want to become an apprentice! Now what?

We've gathered some information and useful links to help guide you through your apprenticeship journey.

Choose your career pathway

Choosing the industry or trade you are interested in is the first step in your journey to becoming an apprentice. Take the time to research various industries or skilled trades to determine which one you would like to explore and pursue an apprenticeship in. The world is your oyster!

Search for an opportunity

It is important to find the apprenticeship that you want. Search for apprenticeships in the industry that interests you, or with companies you would like to work for. It may be beneficial to apply for several apprenticeships to increase your chances of getting the one you want.

Research the apprenticeship

When you find an apprenticeship that you’re interested in, research the company or person offering it. Pay attention to keywords that you’ll be able to use when you fill out the application. Tailoring your application increases your chances of being successful and getting the position.

Fill out the application

Once you’ve researched the position, it’s time to fill out the application. Try to customize it for the specific apprenticeship as much as possible by using some of the keywords you found during your research. Apprenticeship applications may contain unique questions, so make sure to read the entire application before applying.

Explain past work experience

When applying for apprenticeships, include your relevant work experience and activities demonstrating your fit for the position. Tailor your answers to reflect your research on the apprenticeship and emphasize the skills that make you an ideal candidate.

Review and proofread your application

Before submitting your apprenticeship application, review it carefully once, twice, and even three times to ensure it is neatly organized and has proper spelling and grammar. Then, consider asking someone you trust to review it. A second set of eyes never hurts and can find additional errors.