Cat® Safety VR Trains Roadside Construction Workers to Make Decisions & Avoid Accidents

Peoria, Ill.—Simformotion™ LLC is pleased to announce it is now selling Cat® Safety VR. The training system from Caterpillar Safety Services teaches new employees how to interact with coworkers and identify hazards along a road construction jobsite, while in the safety of the virtual environment.

The number of accidents during roadside construction is well documented. Statistics are even higher for new and inexperienced workers. Specific training related to road construction hazards, the importance of following proper procedures and effective communication between workers can help to reduce accidents at the jobsite. By using VR technology, organizations can better train personnel to be aware of the hazards of road construction.

The virtual scenarios are based on real world job tasks, duties and responsibilities. Scenarios are planned, designed and scripted, with input from subject matter experts. Once the headset is on, the user is immersed in a virtual four-lane highway environment to receive instructions from the foreman. The user must follow instructions and make decisions throughout the five different training scenarios. Positive decisions are reinforced, and negative decisions have consequences. When the user makes a mistake in the virtual environment, the results are not life threatening, as on an actual worksite.

Simformotion CEO Lara Aaron says, “Virtual reality offers a safe way to immerse and train employees facing dangerous work. Making a mistake in a virtual environment allows employees to learn without the consequences present in the real world. VR can replace traditional training methods; keep users engaged longer and with a greater degree of knowledge retention.”

The Cat® Safety VR training offered by Simformotion, comes complete with everything needed to get started. The kit includes a gaming laptop preloaded to run the program, HTC VIVE virtual reality headset system (including hand controls), mount stand kit and transport case. Cat Safety VR is mobile, so users can easily transport the kit anywhere to conduct training with employees.

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The Cat® Safety VR training module immerses the user into a virtual roadside construction site. Reinforce the importance of effective communication on the jobsite and learn to make safe decisions.

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