Cat® Safety VR


Effective Learning with Virtual Reality Training

Cat® Safety VR training is an effective, best-in-class learning experience that requires task competence, offers feedback, follow through, and defines expectations, all in an immersive experience.


The VR experience starts with a virtual flyover of a four-lane highway project. Then the user is prompted by voice commands to practice using the control to understand how to navigate and interact within the virtual world.  

The first scene of the training experience places the user, who is playing the role of a new employee, in a pre-shift huddle near the bed of a pickup truck with the rest of the crew and foreman. The foreman speaks to the crew about personal protective equipment and speaking up when a hazard or unsafe behavior is recognized in the work area.

Clear expectations for giving and receiving safety feedback and desired actions for the day is made clear by the foreman in an overview of the day’s work.

The next scenario dispatches the user to the taper to inspect traffic control devices with the foreman and learns priceless lessons on staying focused around unpredictable public traffic and watching out for coworkers.

A radio call then sends the user further up the paving train to perform ground work near the paver and backing, dumping trucks.  They must negotiate blind spots and precarious interactions around, under and between machines

Nearby, an excavator is digging a trench for utilities.  A coworker is using a concrete saw and the user is asked to assist.  They discover that standard PPE is sometimes not enough.

The day wraps up with a lesson on the importance of housekeeping and reinforces the positive lessons learned on their shift. The superintendent reinforces with the user that there is nothing more important or urgent on the job that is worth risking their safety or anyone else’s safety.